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What students say - College of English Australia

What students say

"I've never lived in countryside. I was born in Tokyo, Japan. Always busy!  So, that's why I choose Whitsundays College of English. Beside, my agent recommend me this school and then I've heard this school life is like family. I love family style school.

I would recommend SACE Whitsundays as students and teachers are very friendly. When I need help, they help me with kindness. I was helped with booking a trip, getting tax file number, buying calling card and finding work.

I think this school is really good. For some reason, all students can be friends with each other.  It's very good.  I'm glad to come here."

Kazuyoshi Omino

"I chose to come to the Whitsundays College of English because it is a smaller school where everybody knows each other.  It’s a better way to improve my English as there are many opportunities to speak with other students.  Besides this, the scenery in the Whitsundays is amazing and you can do many activities.

I am really enjoying my course.  Day after day, I improve my English because the course is taught very professionally.  Every day I learn new vocabulary and grammar and get a lot of speaking practice.

My highlight so far is the beautiful scenery that Airlie Beach has to offer and the Islands.  Also, the friendly Australian people who help you whenever you need it."

Damien Berberat

"I was living and studying in Sydney for 2 years and I decided to do something different in life and something more challenging and that’s why I chose the Whitsundays.  It offers a relaxing life with beautiful views and very friendly people.  I really enjoy my course at the Whitsundays College of English.  The staff are very kind and helpful in all situations.

I love the Great Barrier Reef and the Islands around here.  They are so beautiful and make me feel happy.  I love sailing.  It is a great experience and you get to meet many new people.  I also love the markets on Saturday."

Eliana Canutti

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